The Shield Group reports a 400% increase in CCTV systems for lorries in Calais

The Shield Group, the UK’s largest independent Total Security Solutions (TSS) company, has reported a 400% increase in orders from logistics operators and hauliers for more advanced CCTV monitoring and surveillance systems to be fitted to lorries since the Calais migrant crisis began.

The significant rise in sales of The Shield Group’s advanced mobile monitoring systems is cited as a direct result of the current crisis, whereby thousands of migrants from developing countries are illegally boarding trade lorries to reach the UK.

The crisis is said to have already cost the British economy millions of pounds in lost trade and increased expenditure to have more police and border staff on patrol. The crisis has seen hauliers being forced to dispose of contaminated goods and wait in lengthy queues for their vehicles to be searched by the UK Border Agency.

The Shield Group’s 24-hour CCTV systems benefit from a remote video monitoring feature, which feeds back to a central monitoring system, which in turn alerts security staff of any breaches, such as when an intruder enters a vehicle. The Shield Group’s advanced technology hub in Preston collates information from the company’s extensive intelligence units, which is then presented to the police for immediate action.

Peter Aaronson, former Superintendent for the Greater Manchester Police and now Managing Director of The Shield Group’s Technical Services Division, said:

“The situation in Calais is a desperate one, and it is unfair that hauliers in particular have been caught up in the crisis. Our total security solutions model is proving extremely popular with companies who are wishing to secure both their goods and staff and, ultimately, their reputation during this time. We hope to continue working with the police and border agencies to ensure the forces of law and order are upheld”.


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