Newland’s trailer saves weight and fuel

Hull-based Newland Express Transport worked with Montracon to develop a trailer with a solid rear panel instead of rear doors in a move that boosted payload by 500kg.

The company also designed its own internal load restraint system, which it has invited the Driver Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to examine.  The restraint system takes the form of a secondary netting system on the top deck and tensioned webbing across the bottom deck.

Newland Express transport manager Stewart Norris says the company worked with Montracon on the trailer design for six months and has had the trailer in service for two months.

“Removing the rear doors makes a considerable difference to payload and to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The external curtains also pull all the way back and wrap around the rear of the trailer, in turn this creates a larger loading area which is much easier and we can utilise every space on the decks.

“So far we have got outstanding results and we can see an alteration to the miles per gallon on the vehicle,” he says. “This design is much better for the efficiency of our daily trunking.”

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