Lack of A1 lorry parking has created crime hotspot


Police have stepped up patrols along a 40-mile stretch of the major arterial route, between Harworth and Newark, after almost 100 incidents of vehicles being targeted for fuel and 38 thefts from HGVs between 1 December 2014 and 14 June.

Almost half of the offences have targeted lorries parked up in lay-bys, rest areas, garages and service stations.

Sergeant Steve Hunter from Nottinghamshire Police said:

“Taking a rest is absolutely essential for the safety of many drivers using this

stretch of road and thieves have been taking advantage of this to commit their crimes."

“We are asking all drivers to remain vigilant, to think about where they are parking and

try to park in the well-lit rest areas which could be enough to deter would-be thieves.”

However, Chrys Rampley, RHA crime and infrastructure manager, said there were “virtually no facilities” for HGV drivers along that stretch of road:

“Most people are stopping in lay-bys because there’s not that much in that neck of the woods,” she said.

“Particularly in that area, it seems to be devoid of somewhere half decent. Drivers

are parking in lay-bys and are vulnerable, particularly to fuel thefts.”

Detective Sergeant Mark Colley, at the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, said it was aware of the freight crime problems in Nottinghamshire.

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