DfT refuses to rise to it over bridge height query

The DfT has refused to specify what steps, if any, it will take to ensure metric measurements likely to be added to imperial road signs will be correct – despite Commercialmotor.com revealing two recent cases where existing bridge height signs have included inaccuracies.

The plan to update all imperial height, width and length limit signs with metric conversions was revealed as part of a new consultation on roads signs announced earlier this month.

A spokeswoman for the DfT has since told Commercialmotor.com that the new taskforce it is setting up to look into the issue “will make practical suggestions for the removal of signs and will look at all aspects of decluttering”.

She failed to indicate, however, whether this would specifically include reviewing the accuracy of all existing signs. 

Asked if the Dft would take any overarching responsibility for the accuracy of any new signs, she stressed that it was down to local authorities to ensure this, rather than the DfT, adding: “The DfT will be issuing guidance, should the change go ahead.

"There’s a consultation going on at the moment and we should wait for the outcome of that.”

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